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Designed for Safety. Built for Reliability.

At Genie Scientific, we’re proud to be one of the leading fume hood suppliers and lab furniture manufacturers in the United States. We manufacture and sell the full range of furniture for laboratory environments, including fume cabinets and portable fume hood units.

All of our laboratory hoods and metal lab furniture exceed safety standards.

Genie has been manufacturing and selling steel lab furniture, including laboratory fume hoods, since 1979. When it comes to lab design and function, we know what we’re talking about; our team has an average of 20 years of laboratory experience per customer representative. 90% of our jobs are completed in-house, where we control the entire production process from concept to completion. Every piece of science laboratory furniture undergoes a 12-point quality check, and we always deliver on time.

We offer three tiers of furniture to suit a variety of laboratory settings and will work with you directly to create value-engineered solutions that fit your budget and criteria. Because our fume hoods are custom, made-to-order pieces, they can be made to fit any apparatus. If you’re not interested in newly-manufactured pieces, we also offer affordable used laboratory casework.

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