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How do I get started?
What is your lead time?

Standard lead times for made to order items

  • Fume Hoods = 6 Weeks*
  • Tables = 6 Weeks*
  • Cabinets = 8-10 Weeks*

Genie has a selection of warehoused Express Ship items that can ship in 2-3 weeks.

If you have a specific “Need-By Date” please call us.  We have our own factory with flexible on demand lead times and can vary with our current production load, chances are we can meet your schedule. 

*Lead Time = After receipt of deposit and Approved Drawings

Can Genie Install My Lab?
Yes, Genie Scientific Corp. is a licensed, bonded and insured California Contractor who can perform on any jobsite. License #: 663769 Bond #: SC6003262 Public Works Contractor Registration # (DIR) 100001914
Fume Hoods
What Type of Hood Do I Need?
  • The best place to start: “What is your required internal working dimensions”
  • Checkout out Fume Hood Guide
What Size Do They Come In?
  • Genie also specializes in the fabrication of custom sizes fume hoods to meet your exact needs
  • Checkout our Fume Hood Selection Guide
What Electrical Comes Standard on a Genie Fume Hood?
  • A standard electrical package:
    • (2) 120V-20AMP Duplex Receptacles
    • (1) Light Switch wire to florescent strip fixtures
    • (1) Blower Switch
    • (1) Analog Air Flow Monitor
  • All Items factory pre-wired and tested to a junction box on top of the hood
How much do they cost?
  • An easy rule of thumb = $1k per lineal foot
  • A 4’ Benchtop Fume Hood Cost Around $4k without counter top, base cabinet or additional accessories, all of which add cost.
What are the California-OSHA fume hood face velocity requirements?
  • CAL OSHA requires an average face velocity of at least 100 feet per minute with a minimum of 70 fpm at any point, except where more stringent special requirements are prescribed in other sections of the General Industry Safety Orders, such as Section 5209. The minimum velocity requirement excludes those measurements made within 1 inch of the perimeter of the work opening.
Are Genie fume hood UL Listed?
How Are Your Fume Hoods Tested?
  • Genie fume hoods are tested to the ASHRAE 110 Standard per CAL OSHA guidelines
Should Flammable Storage Cabinets be Vented?
  • As a general rule, No. It is difficult to vent a cabinet without compromising its fire protection.
Does My Fume Hood Need Explosion Proof Electrical?
  • No, according to NFPA 45 Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals, laboratories and hoods are unclassified electrically with respect to Article 500 of the National Electrical Code. Where there is an extraordinary hazard, the user may wish to use explosion-proof electrical fixtures for added safety.
How Does My Electrician Wire My Fume Hood?
  • All factory wired components are run to a junction box on top of the fume hood for your electrical to make final connections to the building power
  • Generally, a single 120v-20AMP dedicated circuit will suffice fume hood with standard electrical package (excluding exhaust fan)
What colors do they come in?
  • Genie has a selection of standard stock colors available upon request
Can I get a custom color?
  • Yes custom powder coat finished are available, additional cost and lead time my apply
How much weight can my drawers hold?
  • Standard cabinets come with 100lb capacity full extension drawer slides
How do I know my cabinets are lab grade?
  • Genie steel cabinets are tested to SEFA 8 standards
Can I get custom sizes?
  • Yes Genie can fabricate custom sized cabinets