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Custom Fume Hoods and Ventilated Enclosures


Custom Fume Hoods

We are the leader in the design and fabrication of custom fume hoods and ventilated enclosures

Many companies shy from custom work, but at Genie, we thrive on it.

We love building custom fume hoods because we care about our clients and their specific needs.

Why settle for a standard model when Genie can design, build, and install a custom unit built specifically to meet your criteria?  

Don’t settle! Give us a call!

Common Requests that Genie Can Easily Accommodate:

Not sure how to get started?

Identify your interior working dimensions and Contact Us.
Check out our fume hood selection guide. 
Check out this video on building a custom hood.

Used & Refurbished Fume Hoods

Upon availability and request, Genie can offer used fume hoods & furniture that is sold “as-is” or can be refurbished at an added cost. 
Call for more information.