Fume Hoods

Genie Scientific has been building and installing chemical fume hoods for three decades. We continue to offer the safest, most durable equipment on the market. Whether your laboratory needs benchtop fume hoods, walk-in fume hoods, or custom fume hoods, we can help. Browse through our product list to find the most appropriate stainless steel fume hood for any environment or application.

Our Fume Hoods Are UL Listed and ASHRAE 110 Tested.

We offer a complete line of fume hoods for all applications. Each fume hood comes in standard sizes with a variety of fixtures and custom options. Our selection includes:

  • Bench-Top Hoods
  • Floor-Mounted Walk-In Hoods
  • Distillation Hoods
  • Hoods for specialty applications (e.g., explosion proof environments, ADA accessibility, radioisotopes, perchloric acids)

Constructed with a steel superstructure and lined with chemical-resistant liners, our hoods are built to last a lifetime. Each one of our fume hoods also comes equipped with a sturdy chain and sash system that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use; work surfaces designed to safely contain spills; aerodynamic airfoils to ensure optimal ventilation; and exhaust collars that fit easily into your existing HVAC system for easy installation.

Why Genie Fume Hood?

  • PowerLink Chain and Sprocket Sash System
  • ChemTough Fume Hood Liner
  • SpillSafe Fume Hood Work Surface
  • SafeSlide Doors on Walk-In Hoods
  • AirDirect Airfoil
  • DirectConnect Exhaust Collar

Getting Started: Check out our fume hood selection guide to learn more about fume hood price and fume hood specifications. Use the guide to determine the appropriate hood fume size and type, suitable sash options for your bench top fume hood, the proper liner material, the ideal fume hood CFM for your laboratory conditions, and more. Once you’ve selected the right options, browse through our product catalog to find the unit that fits your needs.

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