Our Process



Call us and immediately be connected with a professional lab planning specialist. Once your requirements are established, we develop and design a functional working lab.



Manufacturing laboratory fume hoods, steel lab cabinets, tables, tops, and more, all under one umbrella. UL Listed, ASHRAE tested, and a proud member of SEFA.

Products we manufacture include the following:

  • Laboratory hoods

  • Portable fume hoods

  • Science laboratory furniture

  • Laboratory cabinets

In addition to our catalog of standard size lab tables, cabinetry, fume hoods, and other laboratory equipment, Genie Scientific is proud to offer convenient custom lab manufacturing. Regardless of your unique laboratory needs, we have the industry knowledge, talented teams, and high-quality materials to make your custom lab a reality. Our full in-house sheet metal shop and assembly line can deliver custom powder-coated-steel lab furniture and installation-ready fume hoods well within standard production times.

All of our custom fume hoods are manufactured to strict specifications to meet the unique desires of our clients without sacrificing lab safety standards. In the past, Genie Scientific has completed a number of custom fume hood projects for previous clients, including hoods with additional depth, width, and height, custom distillation hoods, and spacious walk-in fume hoods. So long as our laboratory planners can design it, our expert laboratory manufacturing team can cut, weld, and create it.

Looking to add additional storage solutions to an existing laboratory? Rather than try to fit standard size cabinetry into whatever space you have left, invest in made-to-order steel casework constructed start-to-finish under the same roof. With custom measurements, specialty hardware, custom drawer and drawer configurations, and a variety of colors and finishes, our design team can help you create exactly the pieces you require.

If you have a unique vision for your laboratory, you shouldn’t have to settle for standard size tables and standard fume hood designs. With the custom manufacturing and design services of Genie Scientific, you can get exactly what you want from a single one-stop source. If your company is interested in taking advantage of our custom lab design and lab furniture manufacturing capabilities, we’d be happy to discuss your project with you.

Furniture Installations 


We’re not just lab designers and lab furniture manufacturers; we also perform professional laboratory installation. Whether you’re constructing a brand-new facility that requires brand-new lab furniture or relocating your current equipment to a new facility, we can help you design and arrange any space. Our team will coordinate the entire process, starting with lab design and ending with lab installation.

Genie Scientific offers three tiers of furniture laboratory designers can employ:

  • G1 – Standard sized tables that can ship in 10 working days.

  • G2 – Classic steel cabinets in standard sizes.

  • G3 – Made to order.

Laboratory Planning and Installation

Laboratories are unique environments. They come with special safety concerns; they’re governed by detailed regulations. Installing furniture in a laboratory requires more than general knowledge; it demands expertise. As a laboratory manufacturing company with years of hands-on installation experience, Genie Scientific is able to oversee the design and installation process in-house, from start to finish.

How It Works: Step-by-Step

• Manufacturing: We are first and foremost lab furniture manufacturers. We’ll supply you with pre-made furniture for a lab or build custom units that meet your unique specifications.
• Lab planning: Our professional laboratory planners will help you design your facility in order to ensure safety and maximize efficiency. We’ll take into account the type of work that will be performed in the lab, the type of equipment that will be installed, and the layout of the space.
• Installation: Once we have a blueprint for the room or rooms, our team of professionals will install each piece of lab workstation furniture in the proper location.

As a premier laboratory supply company, we know the parameters of each product and the optimal arrangement for each piece of equipment. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise by choosing the same company for your installation needs as you do for your lab manufacturing needs. Contact us to consult with our planning and installation experts about your next project.