Moravek Biochemicals is a state of the art laboratory in Brea, California that provides solutions for clinical trials.  The support they bring to the medical field is crucial in the advancements of human health.  Moravek has been providing research and development since 1975 and is approved for the United States and around the world.  Moravek is also  licensed by the California Department of Health Services (DHS) Food and Drug Branch.

Moravek is an important part of the process in creating pharmaceutical drugs that help aid in a variety of situations.  It is highly important for Moravek to provide quality assurance as well as deliver on time for the clinical trials.  Moravek is one of the largest radiochemistry groups with the expertise and capacity to fulfill the needs of the industry.  Paul Moravek is the CEO and provided insight into the operations of Moravek Biochemicals.  

“Moravek Biochemicals is a labeled compound manufacturing organization, contract manufacturing organization, that provides synthetic services for organic synthesis for potential new drug candidates that clients need to have labeled with isotopes,’ explained Paul Moravek.

Being a part of the beginning stages of a new drug is a daunting and important task.  The team at Moravek is fully capable of handling such projects and exceeding expectations.  The laboratory is set up with the best of the best equipment.  The equipment further ensures quality control as well as time efficiency and safety.  This is a major reason why Moravek uses Genie Scientific for all of their fume hood and laboratory furniture needs.  

“The whole facility been equipped with Genie casework and fume hoods.  And we are very happy with how that presents during tours that we give to inspectors and clients,” said Moravek.  They don’t have the issues with fraying cables like we used to have with the other vendors fume hoods.  So we are very happy with that.  The main things we were looking for in the fume hoods was reliability.  And so we haven’t had an issue with fraying lines, failed hoods since we moved to Genie Scientific.”

Moravek Inc understands the importance of their work and working with trusted, reliable companies such as Genie Scientific will continue to provide them the tools needed to grow, adapt and stay at the forefront of their industry.  

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