The Science Behind Medical Marijuana eBook by Genie Scientific

e-Book: The Science Behind Medical Marijuana


Though once a cause championed only by a small minority, marijuana has become increasingly accepted, by health professionals and the general public alike, as a useful medicinal aid. This trend is likely to continue, as state legislators have begun the process of relaxing restrictions on this drug. Even so, medical marijuana is still a shadowy subject for many. How does it work? What medical conditions can it treat? Is it really safe?


These are all valid questions. That’s why we have assembled an informative eBook, The Science Behind Medical Marijuana, to provide some answers. In this eBook we cover a range of topics, including the following:


  • What cannabinoids are and what they do.
  • The vital role of THC.
  • How marijuana can provide relief for sufferers of epilepsy, diabetes, MS, and a host of other medical conditions.
  • Why “street” marijuana isn’t suitable for medicinal purposes.
  • How medical marijuana is manufactured to ensure quality.


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