Essential Elements for Every Lab


Designing your scientific lab space is a critical process that takes planning, attention to detail, and execution. Inefficient lab setups slow down projects, make research clumsy, and can also lead to a loss of data integrity if not equipped with proper storage and handling solutions. The lab planning stage of your project enables your entire team to assess the layout and equipment needed to allow your research and experiments to thrive. It is always important to look at your lab operations from more than just a budgetary standpoint—involving scientists and researchers that will use the space on a daily basis enables the lab to reach its maximum efficiency. To accomplish this goal, it is essential to ensure your lab is equipped with the following elements.

Storage and Workspace Furniture

Your workstation needs to come fully equipped for it to be of any use to you and your team in a lab. However, planning out your workspace is about more than just having enough tables and stools for everyone. Thinking strategically about storage and layout allows you to maximize the efficiency of the entire team. Here are the three most important areas to consider when it comes to workspace furniture:


– Your lab needs to have plenty of tables and counter space to suit the needs of the research teams using the area. Make sure that these are high-quality and strong enough to support heavy, and expensive, lab equipment safely. Temporary tables also provide an on-demand solution that lets you rearrange the lab as needed. Don’t forget to address needs for power outlets and lighting!


– Integrity in the lab is paramount. Experiments and data collection must remain uncontaminated in order for each project to be successful and accurate. Overhead shelving makes it easier to move items off the counter and away from samples that are being worked with. Adjustable shelving options give labs greater flexibility when working with larger pieces of equipment as well.


– Cabinets and drawers are also essential for storage because they help you keep countertops free of clutter. Your workstations should have ample cabinet and drawer space for filing paperwork and other tools for easy access.

Essential Laboratory Furniture

Chemical Handling and Safety

When it comes to handling chemicals safely, having a fume hood is a must. For the safety of everyone in the lab, your fume hood must be able to be adequately ventilated. As you are in the lab planning process, consider a customized fume hood that is built for your exact needs. Rather than having to settle for a generic fume hood, which may limit the size and nature of some experiments, a custom solution allows for greater flexibility and potential.

In addition, carefully plan out your chemical handling procedures to ensure that flammable items are properly stored and kept away from open flames. It is also necessary to install storage cupboards and other units that help you maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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