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Genie Scientific – Truck Fleet for all your Deliveries

This entry was posted on Monday, October 10th, 2011.

Genie Scientific strongly believes that ensuring on time and proper delivery of your laboratory furniture is a vital part of what we do. That is why Genie operates 16′ and 20′ trucks for local deliveries saving you time and money.

Having our own trucks means never waiting for outside trucking companies for local laboratory furniture deliveries. You get your order on time and do not have to worry about lost parts or damages. Genie will never give you an estimated time of delivery i.e. 9am-Noon. When we say we are going to be there we will be there.

Knowing the best way to crate, load, and unload our products, the Genie team greatly reduces the risk of damages occurring during shipping. Giving you the ease of mind to know that your new steel casework and lab fume hoods will arrive on time and free of damage. This is also true of cross-country shipping. We make sure that all our products and packed safely and securely for those long shipments.



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