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This entry was posted on Monday, October 10th, 2011.

Not only does Genie Scientific do laboratory planning and laboratory furniture manufacturing, we also install all of our own products. Genie uses in-house installers giving our clients the attention and quality work they deserve.

Having to wait on subcontractors is annoying and can delay your projects. Typically charging less for installation work, Genie eliminates this issue by cutting out the middleman. We show up on time and have no hidden agendas; we are there to help you. Our experienced team gets the job right the first time because they have a deep knowledge of our products and always come prepared with the right tools.

Genie is clearly number one when it comes to installation services and will give you the peace of mind to know that control of your lab project is under one source of control. So whether it is lab planning, furniture fabrication or laboratory installation think Genie Scientific.



With over 30 years' experience Genie offers old fashioned service that begins with answering calls personally and providing our customers with one-on-one attention, quick response and immediate answers…


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