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Genie’s Green Fume Hood Solutions

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012.

Genie Scientific is proud to announce its affiliation with Air Master Systems and the Green Solution Hood. With the break through Neutrodine System by Erlab, we can now offer a revolutionary turnkey solution providing a variety of installation, operational and environmental benefits to virtually any laboratory. Compared to traditional fume hoods in operations today, the Green Fume Hood enables labs to:

  • Save energy while maintaining 100 FPM face velocity
  • Cut energy cost by 96% and reduce operating cost by 70%
  • Eliminate associated heating and cooling costs
  • Handle liquids and solids – with a single hood
  • Eliminate CO2 emissions
  • Operate safely without polluting the environment.

All lab hood manufacturers’ products are similar. Not any more with the Green Fume Solution Hood. A multitask filtration technology instead of standalone carbon filtration commonly found in application – specific products known as ductless fume hoods. We provide the highly versatile proprietary neutrodine filtration technology with the revolutionary gGuard monitoring package to offer a much larger usage spectrum than has ever been available.

We are in compliance with ASRAE 110-1995 and AFNOR NF X 15-211 filtration standards – enabling the Green Fume Hood Solution to exhaust 100 times less toxic containments than are allowed by the official TLV while maintaining the industries preferred 100 FPM face velocity at various working sash heights. In addition, gGuard gives the owner total control and an unprecedented level of safety.

There are a great variety of chemicals in the lab and carbon filters are too specific. Now you can handle the majority of chemicals traditionally used in laboratories. Furthermore, thanks to the world’s first adaptable modular filtration column (AMFC), our hood can handle liquids and powders – either individually or together – even in a clean room environment.

Heavier molecules can push out lighter molecules. Not any more, this problem only occurs with low quality carbons or carbons that are specifically designed to desorb such as the carbon used in industrial filters to recover solvents. Our technology uses a proprietary high quality carbon with a plurality of pores so large and diverse that both light & heavy molecules are retained independent of one another.

In event of a spill, carbon filtration has limited capacity for containing large concentrations of chemicals. Now technology instead of the standalone carbon filters found in limited application ductless fume hoods. Testing reports show that our hood with the neutrodine technology delivers back – up redundancy capabilities capable of containing chemical spills in excess of one gallon.

Carbon filtration requires controlled conditions, operator intervention and constant monitoring. Ducted fume hoods are much simpler to use. Now, unlike application – specific products that require operator intervention, our technology is very simple to use. All other functions are controlled and monitored with the help of the gGuard management package. This system – which uses proprietary software developed with Microsoft Technologies – makes the Green Fume Hood technology easier to sue since safety related functions are taken out of the hands of the operator and handled remotely and constantly, by the person(s) in charge of safety. It can be remotely accessed with the use of a gGuard onsite with a PC/pocket devise or a gGuard online which provides both monitoring and maintenance service via the internet. gGuard will tell you real – time filter condition, sash position, blower motor speed, filter saturation level, ambient laboratory air, enclosure temperature, energy savings data and usage time.

Filters are expensive and difficult to change. Not any more: unlike previous generations of filters, we are able to estimate the life of your filters with our life cycle payback. Simply fill out our questionnaire to find out if our system is not only safe for your application, but economic as well. When it comes time to change the filters, no special tools are required and you will be back up and running within one hour.

To summarize the future is here now with a hood that not only saves money in the long run, but is the most environmentally friendly hood in the market today: the Green Solution Hood.



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